Technical Support

Technical Support in Security, is an integral factor for Systems’ continuous and robust operation, especially in vulnerable and highly sensitive installations, which are, indeed, affected by unbalanced – external factors. ZARIFOPOULOS SA, has a specially organized Department, in order to provide timely Technical Support services to each of its 25,000 plus Customers.

Security Systems Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a prerequisite for the safe, efficient, effective and uninterrupted operation of any equipment or installation. The protocols and frequency of systems maintenance are based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, internationally recognized standards, each equipment average service life as well as standard technical and scientific practice rules.

The First Alarm Receiving Center in Greece

Installing a Security system in your space, becomes 100% a means of preventing any violation, only by connecting it to a reliable Alarm Receiving Center. The Alarm Receiving Center constantly monitors system’s proper operation and informs the competent authorities, your relatives and you, in case of danger.

ZARIFOPOULOS has created a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Center; HERMES – Hellenic Central Alarm Station SA, which bases its function on high operating standards and ultramodern advanced systems ensuring the highest efficiency in preventing possible negative events.


ZARIFOPOULOS has eleven (11) stores throughout Greece, and presence in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Albania. Company’s headquarters and warehouses are located in Athens, while there are branches and authorized representatives and licensees in several Greek major cities, in order to cover both commercially and technically our customers and partners throughout the country.

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